About Jack&LB

Born in 1967 in Paris region, JACKELB grew up surrounded by the Hippies counter-culture movement of the 1970s. The artistic creativity of this period is one of his main source of inspirations today.
With a still very active professional career close to the design and artistic domain, he finally listened to his inner voice inviting him to express his hitherto repressed creative desire.

“Joy, Happiness, Hope are universal and everyone can claim it”.

This strength and this desire can now be found JACKELB’s world.

To free his creativity, JACKELB mixes many different medium and formats on which he exercises his passion. This is how he gave form to his imaginary figurine with a crunched right ear and a chubby silhouette, which made this art toy immediately likable and fun.

The artist succumbed to the charm of his figurine and named it “Jackelb”.
This “mini-me” follows the artist’s creative path and inspirations and transforms itself accordingly.

jack&lb sculpture with famous brands logos

A colorful world for a cheerful art toy

JACKELB’s color universe evolves between chrome surfaces and ultra-colorful ones, where colored fireworks immediately catch the eyes.
The strength, the accuracy of these explosions, and the numerous details brought together by the artist make his artworks unique. They are made to convey feelings of joy, optimism, happiness and tolerance.